How to change burner tubes on a grill.


It's around January of every year when I get tired of sitting inside and want to go outside to do something no matter how cold it is. So I decided to fire up the ol' grill like I do a few times throughout every winter. I marinated some juicy rib eyes and was getting ready to heat up the grill.  I go outside to turn the burners on and what do ya know, there not firing like normal, in fact they are only flaming up in one spot. I turn off the grill and remove the burner cover to investigate this lack of fire, and what do ya know, I got a huge rust hole in both of them! Dang! I honestly tried to cook these steaks on this little flame that was jetting out of the tube. This did not work. The end result was tossing them on the stove.  

So fast forward to the end of March and I now finally get to figure out how to change these things out. This is what my grill is doing:



We've had this grill since 2012 and it has been a work horse! It's a Kitchen Aid 2 burner grill, all stainless steel. We've used it many a times over the last 4 years. Although I've never had the burner tubes ever go out in any of my past grills. So I was to sure on whether or not this was going to be an easy fix. Or cheap one at that matter since it's a Kitchen Aid, I was worried about buying some proprietary part that would cost more than the grill. Haha

So on to the meat and potatoes here..This repair should only take you around 30 minutes. 

I purchased the part from Lowes for $20:



 1. Make sure your control knobs are in the off position. Make sure your LP tank valve is closed and disconnected from the regulator. 

 2.  Remove the self tapping screws or the pin that attaches the burner tube to the grill. This is the part of the burner tube that is furthest away from you.

3. This Kitchen Aid grill just has a pin that holds each burner tube in place. At this point I can just pull out this pin and remove the burner tube. For other grills you may have to remove the screws that secure the Electrode to the tube burner. As pictured below:


4. At this point you should be able to remove the burner tubes from the grill. ALSO at this point this makes the grill very easy to clean! So scrape it out!

5. Take the new burner tubes and slide them in place to temporarily fit them. Since they are adjustable you'll want to slide them all the way to the front and to the back of the grill. There is a wing nut to tighten down on the burner tubes to lock down the adjustment.

6. So re-attach everything in reverse order and reassemble the grill. 

7. Turn on the LP tank valve and FIRE IT UP!

Enjoy :)