Tomato, cucumber, and zinnia seed planting



















I am using a self watering, seed sprounting trays from Gardeners supply.  So far I planted marglobe tomato seeds and cherry tomato seeds.  The other vegetable is national pickling cucumber seeds.  The flower seeds that I planted is a large type yellow zinnias.  This is the first year I am using organic potting soil.  It has organic compost, peat moss and fine pine bark.

I really like this selfwatering system because I can be gone 3 weeks before it is completely dry.  The clear plastic cover comes off as soon as the seeds have sprouted.  There is a mat that wicks the water from the bottom tray to the top section where the dirt aand seeds are planted.  I have been using this system for 15 years and it is quite efficient in growing all kinds of plants.

The seeds are usually sprounting in 6 days.  Six days later they have their true leaves.


Happy planting!!