Top 5 Must Haves From Trader Joes!


Trader Joe's is one of my favorite grocery stores to pickup high quality produce and dry goods. The layout of the store is easy to navigate and the prices are very reasonable. They have a great selection of organic foods along with many store branded items. Another reason I absolutely love trader joes, is becuase alot of their products come from europe and other countries where the acutal item orginated from. For instance the dijon mustard is a product of France. 

So without further ado here's the Top 5 list of items that you must pickup from Trader Joe's


#1 - Trader Joe's extra virgin olive oil 

 Trader Joe's brand olive oil is not only a great deal and high quality oil. It comes with its own pour spout!

#2 - Sriracha sauce 

Tied of the normal Srirachra Sauce. Try the Trader Joes version, it has a sweet yet tangy kick! Yum!

#3 - Cauliflower Rice 


On a carb kick or trying the #whole30 diet? Try this low calorie Caulifower Rice!


#4 Sweet! Plantain Chips 

  These sweet plantain chips are a great alternative to the normal everyday chip. They are heathly and packed with a great taste!



 #5 - Toasted Sesame Oil  


 Trader Joe's sesame oil is a must get. Add this to any Asian dish for a little extra flare!