Yellow summer squash from the Garden


I planted squash seeds at the end of march indoors in peat pots.  Peats pots are great so the roots do not get distured very much when transpanting.  When transplanting remove the bottom of the peat pot so that the roots can expand.  I planted these in a raised bed with organic soil that I got at various hardware stores like Lowe's and etc.

There is this black fly with clear wings that likes to lay eggs on the squash vines and then the eggs hatch out into borer worms. I have been using sticky insect traps that help to catch a lot of flies and cucumber beetles. If those borer worms bore into your squash vines they will cause the whole plant to wilt and die.  As soon as it starts wilting there is nothing you can do.  I have also be spraying sprays that I bought from Lowe's

that can be use for organic gardening.  Just read the lable.  I also have been spraying with my mixture of 8 0z of rubbing alcohol, 6 0z of water and two drops of oringal dawn dish deterrgent. I will putting my recipe for cooking the squash on the menu.