The Perfect Pizza Crust

  • 30MinPrep Time
  • 5 Hr
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  • Recipe Type : Pizza
  • Cuisine : American
  • Course : Dinner
  • Skill Level : Easy

This recipe makes one of the best thin crust or hand tossed pizza doughs. It's been adjusted multiple times in order to hone in on a dough that rivals the restaurants! Simple ingredient's that gives a big bang! Give it a try!



This pizza dough recipe is a fairly simple process, but the result is amazing! One of the main things to remember is you'll need to let your dough sit in the refrigerator, preferably overnight, but a couple hours will work pretty darn good too.

So lets get started!

Step1: Add 1 teaspoon active-dry or instant yeast to your bread mixer or a bowl and pour in the 3/4 cups lukewarm water. Let this sit for a couple minutes and get your other ingredients ready. 

Step2: Add the remaining ingredients and fire up your mixer on a slow speed for about 5-8 minutes. If you dont have a mixer, you'll need to do it the old fashioned way and you'll ~need to knead~ the dough for at least 5-8minutes.

Step3: Get a glass bowl and put just a little olive oil drizzle in it then put your dough ball in there and cover with plastic wrap. This will need to sit out in room temperature for 2-3 hours for the first rise.

Step4: Punch down the dough on a floured surface and put back in the glass bowl. Once again cover with plastic wrap.

Step5: This is where it gets crucial folks, you'll need to let this rest in the refrigerator for at a minimum of a couple hours. It would be better to do this the night before and let the dough sit in the refrigerator all night. But a couple hours will still change the elasticity of the dough.

Step6: Remove the dough from the refrigerator and let it sit out for another 1-2 hours. Bringing it about back to room temp.


That's it folks! Now you can just roll out your awesome pizza crust to the thickness you prefer. Enjoy!



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