Fried Morel Mushrooms

  • 45MinPrep Time
  • 15MinCook Time
  • 60MinTotal Time
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  • Cuisine : American
  • Course : Side
  • Skill Level : Easy

There are many ways to cook morel mushrooms, but if you've never had them fried you gotta try the old' fashioned way of frying them in butter. Enjoy!



Resturants around the world pride themselves by cooking gourmet dishes with morel mushrooms. They are such a delicacy! In fact a lot of restaurants will purchase morel mushrooms for around $50lb. Also sorting through the plethora of craigslist ads you'll see them being sold for around the same price.


Hunting for morels is challenging, but once you find that pefect spot they'll normally come back every year! I usually have pretty good luck finding them on southside facing hill in late April. The ground has to be just right, somewhat mushy and damp in order to promote spore growth. May apple plants are also good for whatever reason.  Also around dogwood trees and finding the biggest tree in the woods and looking around it has also brought good results. Whatever your technique may be, once you find a few you'll be HOOKed! 

There are many ways to cook morel mushrooms! If you've never had them fried, you gotta try the old' fashioned unhealthy way of just frying them in butter. This way brings on a nice earthy nutty taste. Enjoy!



1. The morel mushroom will need to be cleaned. There might be little ants or whatever inside, this is normal for picking something so natural from the earth. No worries! Slice the mushrooms in half and soak it in water.





 2. Let the mushrooms soak in water for around 30 minutes. This will get clean them and prepare them for cooking. 





3. Roll them mushrooms in flour and coat them evenly.



Using a colander gets the excess flour off. If they are overly coated, it seems to take away from the taste.





This is how they should look before frying.





4. Now put a full stick of butter in a heavy pan. Turn the temperature to medium high. Let the butter start to bubble and drop the mushrooms in to begin frying.



5. Fry them for around 3 minutes on each side. Then take them out and put them on a paper towel to soak up some of the excess butter. Salt and pepper to taste.




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