Chanterelles in Butter

  • 4Servings
  • 12MinPrep Time
  • 15MinCook Time
  • 27MinTotal Time
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  • Cuisine : None
  • Course : Side
  • Skill Level : Easy

These are delicious fried in butter or cooked in an alfredo sauce for pasta.



1.Rinse off the mushrooms to clean and drain on paper towels

2. put flour on a plate 

3. salt and peper mushrooms lightly

4. Butter in skillet and fry mushrooms drenched in flour

5. Fry until brown and cooked through.

6. sprinkle mushrooms with salt lightly.


The fall is a good time to take a walk in the woods and hunt chanterelles but you need to check out websites and the conservation department so that you can be sure you are finding the correct mushrooms.  These mushrooms have no gills.

Last year I brought one mushroom to the conservation department and they verified that it was chanterelle.  So this year I pick a pile and fry them up and they were so good.  I also made an alfredo sauce and cooked them in the sauce.  So Delish!

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